Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Something must have gone wrong somewhere,
He left you when you are most unaware.
You are still finding out the reason why,           
but that is the end of a relationship, with no repair.

In no time you are driven into despair,
He is just too good of a boy to compare.
You asked  “why am I the only one staying?”
And I can find the answers nowhere.

You look pretty much jaded every day,
Like your soul is always elsewhere.
I try my best to really comfort you,
Thinking of Bible verses that I can share.           

You asked God, “why are You so unfair,
to let me suffer a pain I can't bear”.
“But that's pretty much okay”, He said,
Cos one day you'll see the miracles He prepared.

Till then, my friend, do take care.
Every night I will keep you in my prayer.
Tell me if you need someone to talk to,
And I promise I'll always be there.

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